5 Incredible Scientific Facts About Cats You’ve Probably Never Heard Before

Life Sep 01, 2021

Cats are among the most mysterious of all domesticated animals. Well, it’s also true that science has paid more attention to dogs as they have been around humans longer and, frankly speaking, dogs are just more popular than cats in the scientific world. Cats have gone virtually unstudied for decades, but now as these introverted pets are becoming more and more loved all over the world, new facts about their behaviour and inner makings keep on emerging every day.

Little Wildlings

Cats have been domesticated much later than dogs and there’s probably a reason for that. Felines are lone predators and like to spend most of their time alone. Communication isn’t really their strongest suit, but they seem to have adapted to the human lifestyle over the years. Still, genetically speaking, cats haven’t changed much and they are as close to their feral wild ancestors as they were a few thousand years ago.

Big eyes cat
Photo by Adrian RA / Unsplash

That Purr is Very Special

The cat’s purring isn’t just soothing to the human ear – it’s also indicative of what a cat is feeling right now. Most of the time cats purr when they are pleased with something and you might notice that they purr a lot when they enjoy being petted. They can also purr to get your attention. Still, purring does not always signal that a cat is happy and healthy – sometimes cats purr when they feel sick as this vibration has a healing effect for the felines.

House Cats are Very Chatty

If you’ve ever lived with cats you know that they can be pretty chatty. Not only do they purr to indicate their feelings, but they also make that adorable ‘meow’ sound from time to time. Depending on the cat and its owner, kitties can develop a whole array of different meowing sounds that are used in different situations. You’ll be surprised to find out that feral cats don’t use meows at all. Feral cats that live together simply don’t need this type of ‘language’ to communicate with each other, while home cats had to adapt to the human lifestyle – they’ve learned that ‘talking’ is a good way of getting the human’s attention.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
Photo of a kitten named William hiding under a plaid
Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev / Unsplash

Cats are Moody

Did you ever notice that cats can go from blissfully relaxed to aggressive in a matter of seconds, especially when you pet them? Well, there’s a reason for that, too. Cats are very sensitive to touches and can enjoy scratches for some time, but that usually ends quite fast. While humans like to cuddle forever, cats value their personal space and tend to break contact in just a few minutes (of course, some cats are more cuddly than others). So, after showing a few signs of discontent, a cat will then attack the person that's trying to over-cuddle them. That’s just how they are wired!

Knocking Things Off

One of the weirdest and funniest cat habits is the way they like to knock things off tables and other surfaces. Some people find it endearing, while others can get really angry. Well, cats are playful creatures and for them, it’s just a game! They aren’t trying to make their owners angry, they just remember that this type of behaviour always gets some kind of reaction from their human, so they tend to look at it as a game, although it might seem mischievous to their owners.


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