5 Mind-Bending Discoveries Made in Antarctica

Discovery Jul 13, 2021

Antarctica has been on the minds of the greatest explorers for hundreds of years, and for a reason. It was the last discovered continent and the last conquered by humankind. With its severe climate, dangerous terrain, and freezing temperatures, Antarctica is one of the most unapproachable places on Earth. It seems that these days we know more about space than we know about this mysterious continent! Here are a few mind-bending discoveries made on the continent of Antarctica.

Singing Ice

Did you know that ice could sing? Well, not in the way we are all used to, of course. In fact, the human ear can’t hear the humming sound produced by the wind and ice of Antarctica. Researchers used special sensors to study the vibrations in the ice of the continent, but instead, they stumbled upon a very unusual hum created by wind rushing along the ice surface of Antarctica. The sound is happening non-stop!

Unusual Icebergs

Antarctica is home to some of the most unusual-shaped iceberg scientists have ever seen. Water and wind create the most breathtaking shapes, but this one iceberg was striking because of its straight lines and angles. It’s not every day you find a perfectly shaped rectangular iceberg! This beautiful piece of floating ice was found in the northern part of Antarctica. It’s still rough on the edges, but the erosion will soon make it look smooth and even more beautiful.

Unpredictable Particles

Physicists love Antarctica for its remote location and the conditions it creates to study space, especially all those particles that come travelling to Earth. While hunting for all kinds of elementary particles and intercepting cosmic rays, physicists have noticed something truly peculiar – it appears that the ice of Antarctica not only absorbs these elementary particles but also emits them back into space! NASA scientists are still trying to figure out what were those mysterious particles intercepted over Antarctica – they have no clue!

Life Born in Extreme Conditions

We all know that Antarctica has some life – penguins and a few species of birds thrive in the severe conditions of the freezing continent. But is there more to Antarctica than meets the eye? It appears there is! When researchers drilled into the icy ground of Antarctica in the region of Lake Mercer, they found thousands of bacteria living there as if it’s the most comfortable place on Earth! These bacteria will help scientists to predict what kind of life could exist on various seemingly lifeless planets like Mars.

Endurance is Still There

If you’ve ever read anything about the exploration of Antarctica then you’ve heard the name of Sir Ernest Shackleton at least once. Endurance, a ship led by Shackleton, met a tragic end in the depths of Antarctic ice. The captain and his crew miraculously survived, but the ship’s remains are still there, crushed by the moving ice and stuck there for what seems like an eternity. The last attempt to get close to the ship was made in 2019, but that expedition wasn’t successful as well.


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