4 Fascinating Scientific Discoveries from 2022

Discovery Apr 14, 2022

With so many discoveries made in the past you may think that the world isn't such an amazing place to live in right now, but that's definitely not true. As the science keeps on exploring new ideas, more fascinating discoveries are being made every day. The year 2022 might be having its ups and downs right now, but it still has a few scientific wonders hidden up its sleeve.

Diamond Dust on Mercury

Back in the day Mercury used to be quite a violent place. With a whole ocean of magma covering its surface, Mercury had plenty of graphite brewing inside of it. As it all came to the surface, impacts from asteroids started molding that graphite into fine diamonds. We aren't talking beautiful sparkly gems, but rather diamond dust scattered all over the planet. But that's still a lot of diamonds hidden within our Solar System!

Martian Fuel Made from Waste

Sending anything into space is expensive and requires lots of resources. That's why when astronauts head out into space they don't take that much water with them - instead, it's being recycled indefinitely and reused in different ways. When talking about missions to Mars, carrying both water and fuel will become a huge waste of resources (pun intended). That's why the European Space Agency is looking into creating a special reactor that will produce fuel literally from waste water used by astronauts. Techniker, a tech-developing company, is already on it!

The Future of Nanobots is Here

If you've been a bit paranoid about the whole nanobots being used for nefarious purposes, well, you have a good reason to be. The technology is being further developed and now companies can produce over one million nanobots from a small 4-inch silicone piece. The nanobots are incredibly small - the width of a human hair and around 70 microns in length. Now they can easily be transferred via a syringe!

100-Year-Old Shipwreck Uncovered

More than 100 years ago during the Antarctic expedition craze, a ship named Endurance got stuck in the icy waters of the Weddell ship and eventually sank. Miraculously, the crew consisting of 28 men got out of there alive and well, but the ship has been lost ever since. Recently, a salvage expedition on board the S.A. Agulhass II ship, managed to find the Endurance using underwater robots that were able to


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