After Decades of Conspiracy Theories Pentagon Finally Admits UFOs are Real

Discovery Jun 28, 2021

There isn’t a person on this planet who hasn’t at least heard of the term ‘UFO’, but as far as mass media is concerned it’s never been more than just a bunch of fabricated photos and mysterious videos of aerial drones and weather balloons doing something they weren’t supposed to do. No one was allowed to talk about UFOs on national TV before, but now, clearly, the times have changed. So, what does Pentagon has to say on the matter?

Nothing is New Under the Sun

The UFOs or the UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) as they are called by the officials these days have never been a secret to anyone. Back in the 90s, some 30 years ago, there was a UFO conspiracy theory boom blaming the world's authorities (and various of secret organizations) for covering up such an important part of human history. Yes, ladies and gents, we are talking about extraterrestrial life forms and advanced civilizations that created technological marvels unknown to human beings, which can travel at the speed of light. Well, maybe these flying objects come from the future, who knows?

Image via Pixabay

Of course, no one is talking about the Roswell incident here – the supposed crash of a flying saucer near  Roswell back in 1947 that turned the whole world upside down. But, obviously, not enough to make the government admit that something unbelievable has happened. True or not, the whole story was covered up and became a part of the UFO Conspiracy 101 every UFO-enthusiast needs to learn by heart. Now, on the other hand, the officials started talking about the topic under the pressure of Congress, which demanded an unclassified report on the matter of the UFOs as a part of the coronavirus-relief strategy.

So, what’s in Pentagon’s report?

On June 25, Pentagon released a brief report on the matter of UAPs and the threat they might pose to the safety of the U.S. It’s a short nine-page compilation of witness reports made mainly by military aviators in the span of the last 20 years. Still, if you get to lay your eyes on the report itself, you’ll notice that it mostly talks about the UFO sighting of the last few years. It’s as if decades-worth of UFO spottings and sightings from all over the globe simply don’t exist. Still, we believe it’s a good start!

We should also remind you about Project Blue Book that collected more than 12,000 reports of unusual sighting back in 1967, around 700 of which were categorized as UFOs. The project was then dropped due to the inability to properly investigate these cases, but things have definitely changed with the advanced technologies we have these days.

Pentagon released more than a few videos of UFOs with pilots talking about the things they saw with their own eyes. All in all, Pentagon presented 11 sightings to the public out of 144 cases documented in the course of the last few decades. Pilots described unusual flying machines that could stop in mid-air, abruptly disappear from sight, and travel at the speeds that exceed the sound barrier without making any noise whatsoever. All this might be fascinating for those people who have never shown interest in the topic of UFOs, but for the majority, it’s nothing new. Hundreds of cases like that can be found all over the web. So what makes this report so significant?

Well, it’s the fact that Pentagon actually did publicly confirm that UFOs are real, although they didn’t offer any explanation as to what they might represent. Of course, no one has ever uttered the word ‘alien’ either. Instead, the report stated that the origin of UAPs is unknown and they very well might be the result of observer misconception or sensor malfunction. In any case, we are witnessing the birth of the new era that makes it possible to talk out loud about the mysterious and the unknown that was perceived as impossible just a few decades. Who knows, maybe soon we’ll find out what all those UFOs really are?


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