Films About The Dangers in Space

Space Jun 16, 2021

Moon (2009)

The picture is literally based on the play of two actors: Sam Rockwell, who plays the main character, and the disembodied voice of Kevin Spacey, who voiced his “companion” – the robot GERTY. Contrary to the description, this is not a story of the adventures of a man and his mechanical friend, but a movie about endless loneliness, multiplied by questions about the uniqueness of personality and consciousness, ethical issues that humanity will inevitably face as technology improves, as well as the cynicism of corporations, which are primarily interested in money at any cost, even if it is the drama of an individual.

Apollo 13 (1995)

The most terrible thing in space, perhaps, is being left without oxygen in a vacuum, to which the ship’s crew was close. The film is based on the real story of the American flight to the moon: during the mission, there were serious problems, so the Apollo 13 team had to fight for a safe return home instead of completing the mission. The phrase “Houston, we have a problem” has become a winged phrase largely because of Apollo 13: in fact, it was uttered by another member of the team, and his words sounded differently. After one oxygen cylinder exploded on the ship, and a leak began in another, thanks to the joint efforts from both space and Earth, the astronauts safely (and dramatically, as it should be in Hollywood) returned to their home planet, allowing their followers to safely carry out subsequent flights to the moon.

Sunshine (2007)

Danny Boyle’s fantastic epic, on the one hand, plays on the legend of Icarus, on the other – a meme about a bear and a burning car. In the film, the fate of the ancient Greek hero was repeated by a team of American astronauts who went to the dying sun to blow up a star, thereby “restarting” it and saving humanity. The crew eventually achieves the goal, but at the cost of their own lives: first, the heroes are predictably deprived of their supply of oxygen, then they are forced to decide which of them to live and who can be sacrificed. However, the main danger in the film is symbolized by the Sun: the few surviving astronauts still die under its rays, because they flew too close and believed in themselves too much (unlike Icarus, not in vain).

Gravity (2013)

Starting life anew, as well as overcoming any problems, young and old, is not an easy task. The main character of “Gravity” astronaut Ryan Stone, in order to believe in herself and again begin to appreciate the life that she has, had to literally be left alone with the Universe, and then at the cost of incredible efforts to return from space to Earth. At the same time, formally, the reason for all her space adventures was the collision of the shuttle with space debris, but we understand the metaphorical nature of the situation. Ryan is much easier to survive the blows from the wreckage of a destroyed satellite than the death of his own daughter. At this point, if you managed to return from space (albeit on all fours), then the loss of a child is a creak, but you must also survive.

Alien (1979)

Seemingly obvious advice: don’t bend over to get a closer look at an unknown life form. But let’s be honest – before the mysteries of space, even the most reasonable of us will not be able to maintain professionalism and composure. The main thing that Ridley Scott shows: it is much more terrible than being alone with the Alien on the ship, being captive to the machinations of those who remained on Earth. To fall into the trap set by other people of flesh and blood, in whose hands a cold-blooded killer from a distant planet is only a weapon. And of course, do not forget: never leave a cat in trouble – then you will be lucky.

Mission to Mars (2000)

The idea of ​​life on Mars, as well as the earthly colonization of the red planet, excites the minds of science fiction writers to this day; after all, there is so much we don’t know yet that we can fantasize endlessly. If in Apollo 13 the astronauts only dreamed of touching the lunar dust, then here the team is not without problems, but nevertheless ends up on Mars. In the course of finding out where the previous crew went, it turns out that Mars is not so calm – and fraught with many mysterious dangers. It turns out that the first expedition stumbled upon the remnants of extraterrestrial civilization and died from the inability to properly communicate with it using, attention, DNA. De Palma could not refrain from plunging headlong into the mystical conjectures surrounding Kydonia and “Face on Mars”, which, upon closer examination of the images, even in 2001, turns out to be not a face, but an ordinary hill. Here is it, of course, the passage to the secrets of the origin of life on Earth literally opens, and Lieutenant Dan finally goes home to a distant, distant galaxy.


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