Have You Been Lucid Dreaming Without Knowing?

Life Dec 27, 2021

There are people who have experienced this dreaming thing in life, unlike many others and don't even know. So well, it's time you realize how powerful you are. Yes, we are talking about lucid dreaming, which, in other words, can be defined as controlling your dreams.

Lucid dreaming is basically when you know you're dreaming and still, you decide to take it over and continue the story. It's super-cool and fun, and here are a few more facts about it you'd love to know.

Lucid Dreaming Isn’t Risky

Usually, people think lucid dreaming is bad for their health or mind, which it isn't. However, sometimes it can disrupt your sleep, making you not feel rested at all. That can be pretty irritating, but apart from that, it's good for the motor brain, especially for people with disabilities.

Not Everyone Experiences This

Some people experience lucid dreams frequently, but that's very rare. The majority of people never usually have this type of dream often. However, it is believed that everyone has a lucid dream at least once in their life. But some still might never have.

Shows Creativity and Artistry

Lucid dreams usually occur when you’re insightful towards things and think creatively. Not for everyone, but many people out there get to use their creativity and insightfulness in such dreams.

Can Be Good for Health

As lucid dreams help you face your terrors, it also enables you to overcome your fears. This leads to releasing stress and anxiety. Thus, if seen as a whole, lucid dreaming can be quite good for health and positively affect your mind.

Boy under a leaf blanket
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

So, if you ever had a lucid dream and didn’t know what it was, now you do! So, be ready to have more fun without worrying about anything in your next dream drive.


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