5 Mesmerising Facts About Space

Space Oct 12, 2021

Although we have made significant progress in space exploration, most mysteries remain. No matter how far we are from the planet or how close we are, it never ceases to fascinate us. Let's look at some fascinating facts about space.

Photo by NASA / Unsplash

You can't hear anything in space.

It's impossible to transmit sound waves in space. Sound is not able to travel through space because there is no atmosphere. The Earth, and perhaps other planets, are noisy because planets with atmospheres and air pressure make it possible for sound to travel.

Our solar system's hottest planet is Venus.

As Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun, it is generally assumed that Mercury's hottest planet. However, the surface of the planet Venus remains consistently hot at 462 ° C (864 ° F). It is because Venus' atmosphere contains many gases, which induce a greenhouse effect.

On Mercury, a day lasts twice as long as a year.

Mercury has an annual rotation speed of 88 days, but a day on Mercury lasts twice as long due to its slow rotation. To rise, set, then rise again in the same point in the sky once is equivalent to standing on the surface of Mercury for 176 Earth days.

Planets do not need to orbit a parent star to roam the universe.

It has been estimated that our galaxy may have more than 200 billion planets. They don't need to form and remain around stars; some can drift anywhere in the galaxy. These 'rogue planets were believed to have been expelled from their home systems. Some planets indeed have an accretion disc, but some may have formed globulettes instead.

It is unimaginable how many stars exist in the universe.

Our knowledge of how many stars exist is incredibly limited. As of now, we estimate the number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy based on our own estimate. According to NASA, there are an infinite amount of stars in the universe, despite all that math.


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