Is Lunar Water Safe to Use?

Discovery Jan 30, 2022

First of all, yes; there's water on the moon. NASA recently confirmed the presence of water ice on the moon back in 2020. According to them, over 600 billion kilograms of it are present on the moon. So, now, the question is, can we use the moon water for personal use? Can we drink or bathe in it? Well, let's find out!

Answer: No & Yes

According to scientists, the soil present on the moon's surface is nasty and full of damaging particles. That means the water wouldn't be safe to use either. It may cause some harmful body diseases and give rise to certain kinds of body issues.

Photo by Javardh / Unsplash

However, if you purify it, you may use it. But as said earlier, it’s just ice. So, you won’t only have to purify it, but would also need to find it, melt it, and then, after the whole process, you might use it. And truth be told: Why go through all that trouble when you have clean and clear purified water here on earth, right?

So, What is The Moon Water Good For?

Photo by NASA / Unsplash

You might not get the water for personal use, but scientists can surely do much with this discovery. For starters, the water elements found on the mood can be used as fuel for the rocket engines. The machines sent to the moon always have limited resources to last. But when there are natural resources available on the moon, these machines will be able to work a lot longer and more efficiently than before.


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