Is the Earth Prepared to Avoid an Asteroid Impact?

Space Nov 18, 2021

The universe, and specifically our Solar System, is full of asteroids that move through space without stopping. Most of these space rocks do not hit any planet, but eventually, some of them are pulled by gravity and take a collision course.

In this sense, is the earth prepared to intercept an asteroid? As with the dinosaurs, the impact of a meteorite on the planet's surface would be able to extinguish the human race. However, this scenario is not very likely, at least for the next few years according to experts.

Can we detect asteroids on a collision course?

To intercept an asteroid on a collision course with Earth, we first need to know its location. Organizations like NASA work to detect and track those asteroids that have a great mass and that could go to Earth.

After detecting an asteroid, a group of experts in the field calculate its trajectory and determine if there is any risk to the planet. According to many studies, there is no detected asteroid that is on a collision course with Earth for the next 100 years.

Are we at risk?

Believe it or not, a hundred tons of interplanetary material falls on the Earth every day. However, most of this material does not have a great mass, so it disintegrates when it enters the planet's atmosphere.

On the other hand, there are plans designed to save us from a collision in the event of an asteroid approaching. To begin with, there is the possibility of deflecting the asteroid with a ship or detonating it with a nuclear bomb.

This second option must be done at a safe distance from the Earth since some fragments could fall on the planet.

In general, we are prepared to fight asteroids if necessary. However, we can never forget that space is a hostile place, so there is always the possibility of an asteroid approaching our beloved planet.


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