Is There Water on Mars After All?

Discovery Oct 20, 2021

The planet Mars has completely turned into a desert. The water which once flowed through Mars is now frozen. For a very long time, scientists have been looking for an answer to the vanished water from the planet. Where did all the water go? Finally, after several observations, scientists have presented a model, which might be an answer to this heavily-asked question.

Where Did The Water Go From Mars?

Early research states that some water is still present in the planet’s atmosphere in the form of vapors. While according to another research, the water was also pulled out from the atmosphere into space by sun’s ultra-violet radiation.

What Does The New Model Suggest?

The study, recently published in the “Journal Science”, states that 30-90% of the water has been trapped into the mineral of Mars’s crust, while the remaining water has escaped into space.

Is It True That Mars Once Had Water?

The dried-up riverbeds, lakes, inland seas, and delta are living proof to Mars having plenty of water once. The presence of water could be because of the several oceans in the northern hemisphere of Mars.

Why Does Mars Have Hydrogen?

The remaining water which is present in the atmosphere in the form of vapors also goes through several changes. As the vapors are bombarded with the strong UV rays from the sun, these rays free the lighter hydrogen from the water molecule, which then escapes into space. While in some cases, oxygen is bonded with heavy hydrogen gas known as “Deuterium”, which does not easily break its bonds with the oxygen, and thus some hydrogen in the form of deuterium is left in the atmosphere.

Thus, these are the proofs to the answers provided by the scientists to this heavily asked question of “Does Mars Have Water After All?”


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