Musical Versions of Telescope Images Merge Science and Art Together in a Beautiful Way

Space May 10, 2022

Space may feel like something very far and distant for most people, but others spend their lives studying it up-close and know more about galaxies and supermassive black holes than anyone else. Whether you're a fan of space or simply like they way all those distant images look, this new mix of space and art will be right up your alley.

NASA's Chandra X-Ray Center came up with a brilliant idea to render beautiful space images into sound and music, creating yet another way for people to explore the Universe and enjoy its wonders. Looking at stars and nebulas is great, but listening to them creates a whole new dimension of experience.

The sonification process uses images of different types of light collected by various telescopes like Hubble and Chandra X-Ray. They tune into different lightscapes and space objects, which sound at different pitches. Special software translates all that into music played by certain instruments. All of them are later put together, layered in a harmonious way that is extremely pleasant to listen to.


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