Neurographics: A Cool New Way to Work With Your Subconscious

Health Mar 19, 2022

We're used to thinking that our subconscious mind is that vast minefield that you shouldn't explore unless you have a degree in psychologist or have a fine psychoanalyst at hand. But the truth is, our subconsciousness seeps into our daily lives no matter what we do - and it's filled with both wonders and horrors of the past and present.

No matter what you do, the underlying world of your subconsciousness influences all your life choices - basically it creates your life with all the 'good' and 'bad' programming that's been done to you. It's imprinted deeply into your psyche, playing like a broken record over and over again. There are different methods of exploring all these issues and the whole vast world of the subconscious mind, but Neurographics, a relatively new invention in the field of psychology bordering on art therapy, is probably the one you'll want to stick to.

Why? Neurographics lets you draw, a lot, and by drawing it creates new neural paths that help your brain let go of unwanted or harmful programming and create new, positive ways of thinking and world perception. Basically, it can help with all kinds of things starting with anxiety and various fears, and ending with a big dream you're having but don't know where to start. Neurographics has an answer - you start  by changing your brain and that, in turn, will change the way you think and the way you act, and as a result your whole reality will change along with your inner transformation. Any psychologist or spiritual guru will tell you that all the changes start within and only then you can see them outside all around you.

Created by a Russian psychologist back in 2014, this method is relatively new, but it has quite a big following already. Neurographics has a lot of fun algorithms that allow you to work on certain goals, dreams, and spheres of life, as well as simply reduce stress or a build-up of heavy emotions on a certain  topic. It also greatly helps with various traumatic situations as drawing in itself has a huge therapeutic effect, and with Neurographics it becomes even more as it helps to unload your subconsciousness from all the unnecessary and harmful things that have been there for decades.

You can visit the site for more details.


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