Neurographics: How Does It Work?

Life Mar 28, 2022

You've probably heard about art therapy and you know that it can do magic for curing all kinds of traumas. It can help release suppressed emotions and de-program all the negative conditioning we went through while growing up. It's true that most programming happens during childhood and we get lots of negative imprints about relationships, wealth, and love (or hate) towards our bodies while growing up. Most people never revisit those thoughts and ideas that were put inside their heads by parents and society that, let's be frank, doesn't really care about whether we become happy human beings or not.

Our parents do care, but they go through such a huge amount of their own conditioning that they simply pass on all that negative thinking to their kids. Not many people known how to deal with all this stuff or even where to start, but that's where Neurographics comes in.

This new method of improving your life can help you literally draw whatever you want to manifest be it a new job, some stress you can't get rid of, or even a nightmare that's been bugging you for a while. Neuroghraphics helps build new neural pathways according to the new way of thinking and new experiences you want to attract into your life - by drawing what you want and how you want it you trick your brain into thinking that you already have this and you already are that way - happy, rich, calm, and full of love.

Everything comes down to our brains and the state of our mind. Whatever we manifest into our lives, be it an amazing relationship or a cool new job, it all starts within, with our ability to imagine it for ourselves, set a proper intent, and then work on getting there by removing whatever is blocking your way to happiness. Neurographics has lots of drawing algorithms that allows you to work with destructive conditioning, deleting those programs from your brain one by one - you simply draw them out in a special way and even have fun along the way (because drawing is still fun no matter how you put it).

The changes start with your mind and your psyche, your brain, then your body follows (e.g. whatever was fearful before doesn't scare you anymore), and then the reality around you starts changing as well because you literally become a new person with a different set of feelings, emotional states, and a way of thinking about life.


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