Top 5 Breakthrough Technologies of 2021

Technology Oct 13, 2021

With the outbreak of Corona, everything seemed to come to a halt. But one thing never stopped new and innovative technologies. Whether we talk about mRNA vaccines or everything going remote, this year has given the world the most breakthrough technologies that nobody could have ever imagined.

I have listed the 5 most amazing and trending technologies of 2021. Scroll down to enlighten yourself with the knowledge.

1.mRNA Vaccines:

As soon as there was an outbreak of covid-19, the scientists started testing vaccines based on mRNA. This is a technology used first time in the history of therapeutics, the vaccines were effective and got approved instantly. mRNA vaccines are flexible, as if there is any mutation in the virus, they can easily be modified and made more effective.

2.Everything Went Remote:

With the world being shut down, and people locked up in their homes, everything went remote. Especially education and health care. Students around the globe had online academic years. Byju’s and Snapask, two of the many tutoring and learning apps have more than 70 million and 3.5 million users globally.

3.TikTok’s Algorithms:

Since TikTok’s release in China in 2016, it has proved to be one of the largest growing social networks available out there. This is because TikTok’s algorithm which chooses the content on the user’s feed has changed the way a person becoming famous. It has successfully gained more users over the years, just because of its easy functioning.

4.Hyper-Accurate Positioning Technology:

Gps has been a lifesaver for everyone. It has been a person’s best friend in a stranger town or country. But it only gave accuracy to 10-15 meters, while with Hyper-Accurate Positioning Technology, there will be an accuracy of even a few centimeters. This is China’s BiDou navigation system which was completed in June 2020.

5.Green Hydrogen Instead Of Fossil Fuels:

Hydrogen has always been the best alternative to fossil fuels. It burns cleanly without emitting any CO2 and is dense. Thus, it’s useful in storing power from on and off power sources. But the process to obtain hydrogen is costly and dirty as it’s obtained from natural gas.
While green hydrogen is cheaper as it can directly be obtained from solar and wind power. Europe is leading the way in making this technology come to life.


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