What Animal Likes to Chat the Most?

Life Jul 21, 2021

Chattiness is something we like to consider a human-only trait, but it’s not a secret that animals use a wide variety of sounds to communicate, set boundaries, and send messages to each about the upcoming dangers. If you own a dog or a cat, you know very well that they have their very own languages and some pet owners even learn to identify what this or that sound means, along with other expressions. But on a wider scale, what is the chattiest animal in the world?

As a rule, animals that live in packs or large groups vocalize a lot, but that’s true only for some species. Meerkats are among those chatty animals who raise their young together in large groups and look out for predators while they’re at it. That’s why they constantly make soft sounds letting the others know that it’s safe.

Photo by Jari Hytönen / Unsplash

Large flocks of birds like quelea can also create a huge cacophony of sounds while communicating with each other. Still, living in large groups doesn’t always mean that animals talk to each other a lot.

Why? Well, making sounds comes at a cost – firstly, loud animals are putting their lives at risk every time they make some kind of noise as they’re letting all the predators around them know their location. Secondly, making sounds and noises requires using energy that can be used elsewhere. You would think that chimpanzees and other monkey species that are close to humans vocalize a lot, but that’s not quite true. Because of the dangers of the wild world they are living in they have to talk as little as they can. Instead, they are known to use lots of gestures that are completely silent.

Photo by Fabrizio Frigeni / Unsplash

According to research, those animals that vocalize a lot are often closer to the top of the food chain and they don’t have to worry about becoming someone’s dinner all the time. Those include humans, whales, elephants, and dolphins. Bats are also quite chatty as they use ultrasonic sounds that can’t be heard by most animals. So, knowing all this, what animals is the chattiest in the world?

It’s hard to answer this question as no actual research has been conducted on the topic, but most scientists agree that dolphins must be the chattiest species out there. If you’ve ever been in the water with dolphins you must have noticed that they vocalize a lot. So much so that it’s never quiet when they are around!


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