What Does It Take to Build the First Permanent Moon Base?

Space Nov 10, 2021

Half a century after man first set foot on the moon's surface, humanity's interest in our satellite in space has been reborn. Countries like China, Russia, and the United States are working on plans to build the first moon base in 2035, but will this be possible? What are the biggest challenges we must face to achieve this?

Conditions on the lunar surface are extreme and pose a challenge for astronauts who wish to participate in these projects. In this sense, you may be wondering what it takes to survive in space and build a moon base that can be self-sustaining. Let's talk about some of the priorities astronauts should have to achieve this.

A resistant habitat

The lack of a protective atmosphere on the moon implies that there is no protection against cosmic radiation from space. This means that the inhabitants of the moon must have a habitat with thick walls to block radiation and resist pressure differences between the inside and outside of the habitat.

Power sources

Electric energy is essential to guarantee the survival of humanity in space. Currently, there are different ways of producing energy, although the best option, in this case, is still solar panels.


However, the moon's rotation has a period of 28 days, resulting in two weeks of continuous light and two weeks of darkness. The only way to use solar energy as a source of energy is if the panels are placed at the poles of the moon.

Food and water

Generally speaking, studies show that it is possible to grow plants in lunar soil. This means that most of the astronauts' diets will be based on plants. Other foods can only reach the moon through ships from the ground.

Water also represents another problem that must be solved. Some techniques allow us to recycle part of the water used in the base, in addition to the fact that it is also possible to extract moderate amounts of the water found at the poles of the moon.

Are we ready to travel to the moon?

If we talk about technology, humanity has enough resources to make the trip to the Moon and start a permanent base. However, even when projects are carried out with the best preparation, there are always risks that should not be forgotten.


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