Why Are Whales So Important For The Ecosystem?

Life Jan 06, 2022

You must have heard of whales as the largest creatures alive on the planet. Their placement at the top of the food chain speaks volumes of their significance in the ecosystem. Besides being the largest, they are also the loudest animals. But why are they so important for the ecosystem? Well, their extinction translates into the disturbance in the food chain and the destruction of the ecosystem.

Photo by Silas Baisch / Unsplash

Here are all the good reasons to support this argument and elaborate on what whales do for the environment.

Regulation Of Food Chain

Whales are crucial for the stability of the food chain and the maintenance of healthy marine life. An adult whale can consume 4 tons of krill daily. Imagine the overpopulation this small creature would cause in the ocean if whales were not there.

Sustaining Marine Life

Although, whales consume large amounts of food but they return nutrients through the food excreted out of their body to the environment. The nutrients help plankton to grow which in turn captures atmospheric carbon helping the whales clean the environment. This plankton also becomes a food source for other fishes, and the cycle goes on.

Freedom in the Ocean
Photo by Hanson Lu / Unsplash

Healthy Breathing Environment

Thanks to gigantic whales who make the environment more breathable for all creatures despite the pollution. They curb environmental pollution by capturing excess amounts of carbon in the air. This helps sea creatures, wildlife, and humans breathe in a cleaner environment.

Dazzled to see what these ecosystem engineers do for us? Let's do something for them by minimizing the use of plastic and keeping the environment sustainable for all marine life. We can surely not afford the extinction of these sea giants.


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