Why Now Is The Time to Learn, No Matter How Old You Are

Health May 25, 2021

Humanity, definitely, follows the path of self-improvement, but some things, moreover the most commonplace, have to be said over and over again. This issue is especially acute for women. They always try to impose on us the idea that we are doing something too late: we took up our appearance too late, thought about children late, found our calling late. But in the end, we owe nothing to anyone except ourselves, and, therefore, we do everything on time.

Every year we ask ourselves whether to sign up for courses, whether to resume studies at the once-abandoned university, or, in the end, is it time to pass on the license. It is sad to admit that the answer “it’s too late” or, at best, “maybe later” sounds much more often than the opposite. When it comes to “big” education, which will inevitably stretch over several years, we immediately start counting: if I start now, then when I finish, I will be 30; what if I have children and I don’t have time for everything, and so on. What to do in a seeming stalemate situation?


There is an opinion that over time the brain becomes not the same: where do we go to Besson’s Lucy, if after 20 the memory deteriorates, it becomes harder to remember and easier to forget. Scientists also say that the modern generation has deteriorated in operative memory due to the abundance of information in instant wide access. Accordingly, in order to remember at least something, now you need to make much more effort than was once required from our grandmothers. Let’s make a reservation right away: do not make hasty conclusions – everything is arranged much more complicated than it seems, and in some things, memory only works better with age.

It is also very important to decide what “success” means to you personally. You need to stop comparing yourself with your peers (or, God forbid, those who are younger) and honestly answer yourself – what do you want. The desire to learn – not to delay the exit into adulthood, namely to receive the desired knowledge – is our right and even a privilege. Women around the world benefit from educational opportunities. In African countries such as Sudan or Ethiopia, activists are actively fighting for the rights of girls, and in particular, their right to school. This will give them the opportunity to provide for themselves in the future, and therefore, avoid forced marriage and subsequent domestic violence – a sad but widespread practice even in our time.

Ma Shiushien, 102, went to school in China to pursue an education that she didn’t have time for when she was young — she had to work to support herself. Now she finally has time for what she really would like to do. The Internet and local newspapers are full of such stories, even in not the most prosperous countries, because the desire to develop is not limited by the framework of our age, but solely by the desire to become better, smarter, and faster.


The idea that most things need to be done faster before time is up is outdated in many ways. Biologically, we can do everything until we die. Elderly people are also shown physical activity, as well as young people – adjusted for age characteristics. People of all ages equally need socialization and intellectually stimulating communication. All the same – about studying. Even though memory deteriorates with age, the more it is used, the stronger it becomes. As a result, between the desire to learn something and its realization, as always, there is one thing – excuses. Conduct a thought experiment as if you were returning from your own future: if your regrets about what you missed are real, why not do something about it now?

Children, marriage, work – all these convenient excuses were not even invented by us. You can always plan everything according to your priorities if training is one of them. If you really want to learn or even get a new profession, do not be intimidated by all of the above, and most importantly, do not be afraid of the new. It is in our hands to break the established notions that the road to “young” professions is closed for everyone older. Only by our own example will we be able to change the prevailing paradigm.


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